Posted by grant on Mon, 04/15/13 12:57
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Comments by John Daker on Mon, 04/15/13 13:14


Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 04/15/13 13:19

I like your use of a b&w format with this particular image which adds another layer of moodiness to the setting. The interplay of light and shadow around the man further enhances the moody feel of the image.

Comments by John Daker on Mon, 04/15/13 13:28


Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Mon, 04/15/13 15:02

LOvely ! has a nice look to it

Comments by JP Zorn on Mon, 04/15/13 15:20


Comments by Jacky on Tue, 04/16/13 10:11

Excellent. Evocative.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Tue, 04/16/13 18:30

Comments by Sandy M on Wed, 04/17/13 20:42

I really like the shapes and the shadows. Very striking

Comments by Garry Schaefer on Thu, 04/18/13 16:18

No disappointment with number three in your gallery. Excellent!

Comments by Steven M. Anthony on Tue, 04/23/13 08:06

The hot spot at his knees is very distracting. Otherwise a fine image!

Comments by Richard Dong on Sun, 04/28/13 12:47

This looks very familiar. Great tonality.