Berggasthaus Staubern

500c/m, 80mm Planar, Polarizer, Velvia RVP, direct scan from slide,
a bit of post processing to compensate for a slight underexposure,
handheld (my dog urgently needed to get into the shadow).
Guesstimated exposure according to sunny sixteen.

Taken in Swiss Appenzell, which is a great place for hiking.
I lugged around the 500c/m with 3 lenses and a lot of little
odds and ends.

Thank You for looking! & Best regards

Posted by Peter Serbe on Fri, 08/24/07 05:36
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Comments by Rory Hudson on Fri, 08/24/07 05:55

A majestic setting which you have captured well. There is also a sense of drama which comes through from the sky and the contrast.

Comments by Stelin on Fri, 08/24/07 07:40

Stunning location and well captured. Well done on the exposure especially with a polarizer on it.
Lugging equipment is always worthwhile -- I always need the one thing that I couldn;t be nothered to bring.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 08/24/07 08:24

I like the perspective with the vertical lines of the mountain set against the blue sky... just keep wondering what this view would be like at the height of winter with snow blowing off the mountain top.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 08/24/07 09:02

Ditto Rory's term Magestic. The little buildings and people give a sense of scale to the mountain. I like the slight underexposure.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 08/24/07 11:21

Love your perspective also...almost gave me a sense of vertigo as I scrolled it upward.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 08/24/07 12:29

Nicely done. The only change I would suggest is to not have the path starting in the middle of the frame. Nice to see film show up now and then.

Comments by jj on Fri, 08/24/07 16:25

Great sky. I think the mountains are a touch oversharpened, though.

Compositionwise, if you could move the path to a diagonal I think it would work a lot better. Of course, you might need to hang from a skyhook to do that, too. :)

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 08/24/07 17:53

Nice seeing all the tiny figures walking along the path, and sitting on the balcony.

Comments by Michael Hibbitts on Fri, 08/24/07 18:32

Hard to get that exposure correct when a 1/3 of a stop is the film's latitude and you're "guestimmating" W/O a proper light meter - you did good...
How about a pix of your little dog? I hope you don't mind picking up after him.

Comments by Paul Cooper on Fri, 08/24/07 21:06

I like the perspective and sense of scale but I’m not digging the blue clouds.

Comments by Peirce Behrendt on Fri, 08/24/07 21:17

I always like a picture which invites me into it. This succeeds in doing this.

Comments by Rafael Seibert on Sat, 08/25/07 21:43

Neat spot.


Comments by DebbiK on Sun, 08/26/07 00:59

stunning scenic with crisp colors and detail-must have been strenuous hiking around there with all that equipment

Comments by Maria Salvador on Mon, 08/27/07 09:26

Very impressive!