Winter treat

Posted by Ernest Cadegan on Sat, 01/10/09 08:41
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Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Sat, 01/10/09 08:42

Horizontal version.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 01/10/09 08:55

I find the vertical composition has more of a natural flow to it with the eyes of the viewer dropping from the top empty portion through the bird to the remaining fruit while with the horizontal picture the flow ends with the bird leaving the viewer with the feeling of wanting to crop out the right side of the image. A black background works particularly well with both pictures.

Comments by Linda Frey on Sat, 01/10/09 15:32

I love the two vertical shots, but thanks for giving the option of a horizontal one as well!

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Sat, 01/10/09 18:31

I vote for the vertical shots, also. For some reason, the two verticals side by side give me the impression of stain glass windows...a pleasant image.

Comments by MONIQUE STAP on Sun, 01/11/09 13:00

I like the narrative story here! The vague colours work great!


Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 01/11/09 13:24

The horizontal is nice too, but my preferred is the OP. A beautiful diptych, with the two narrow vertical images complementing each other.

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Mon, 01/12/09 12:04

Wonderful, I like both presentations.

Comments by AG Laycock on Mon, 01/12/09 14:43

This is excellent work Ernest.

Comments by Karen Habbestad on Mon, 01/12/09 19:07

Very special Ernest.