Morning Sun

Your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Posted by Steve Owen on Wed, 05/30/07 18:21
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 05/30/07 19:19

I like your panoramic view of the early morning mistiness, the pool of mist with the red barn at the left side working to create the sense of an exclamation mark with the barn as the point, and the nature of the light highlighting the mist and the trees. I was just wondering about your viewpoint... up in a low flying plane perhaps?

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Wed, 05/30/07 19:32

Cool shot. I like the framing with the darker foreground and the trees around the edges. I would be tempted to just crop down enough to lose the pathway in the top right ? The the blue mist sort of looks better drifting out that way ?

Comments by Karen Habbestad on Wed, 05/30/07 19:37


Comments by Rafael Seibert on Wed, 05/30/07 21:09

It's a great capture of a lovely scene.


Comments by Michael Hibbitts on Wed, 05/30/07 21:26

I'm wondering if you could clone out the tree tops in the LRHC...
None the less it's a wonderful capture!

Comments by Rick Longworth on Wed, 05/30/07 22:33

Wonderful time of day. The slight rainbow effect is a treat.

Comments by Zorro ll on Wed, 05/30/07 23:04

exceptional light. Well represented. I like the little red barn.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Wed, 05/30/07 23:41

Beautiful and refreshing. Agree with above comments.

Comments by Rory Hudson on Thu, 05/31/07 01:46

Good capture of morning mist. I think the tree at lower right is a little too bright, perhaps just tone it down, though, rather than cloning out.

Comments by Dave Lavash on Thu, 05/31/07 09:07

Lovely, atmosphereic shot. I agree with Rory and Michael -- a crop to lose the LRHC bright tree would help.

Comments by Linda Frey on Thu, 05/31/07 10:27


Comments by barry weaver on Thu, 05/31/07 16:01

Well captured but I do find the tree in lower right corner is a bit on the bright side and keeps pulling my eyes to that corner.

Comments by les perry on Thu, 05/31/07 16:22

Very nice makes me want to get up early too.

Perhaps would consider burning the trees in rather than losing or cloning.
My thinking was I'd of liked to have had the draw of the red barn on the right which made me wonder if a horizontal flip might provide an alternative

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 06/01/07 15:43

Like Les, you are inspiring me to arise before dawn and trek to a similar vantage point. But....well, maybe dusk is more for my lifestyle. ;0) Once again, Steve, a beautiful scene!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 06/02/07 13:25

Just beautiful! Ditto Barry about burning in that tree...