Under Construction

Taken looking up into the dark reflective glass of a building still under construction in downtown Boston. It's got a bit of SciFi look to it ...to me at least.

Posted by Ellen Williams on Sun, 08/07/11 18:24
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 08/07/11 19:37

I like the contrast between the hot colors at the heart of the image and the framing with the cool colors, the abstractive feel that is evoked by the viewpoint that you adopted looking into the reflective glass of the building and the distorting nature of the glass which enhances the abstractive feel of the composition. Fires of Hell is the phrase that jumped to mind as I viewed the image.

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Sun, 08/07/11 21:45

Cool shot into what looks like the guts of a structure!

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sun, 08/07/11 23:09

Excellent, Ellen... :)
One of the best creations of this genre ever seen.

Thank you so much.

Comments by Linda Frey on Mon, 08/08/11 22:09

I like it too. Nice ambiguity.

Comments by Dan Rubin on Tue, 08/09/11 11:14


Comments by V.N. Dow on Sat, 08/13/11 16:00

Puzzling, intriguing, bewildering, absorbing - great shot!

Comments by Chitrinee on Sun, 09/04/11 00:35

Very lovely. At first I just looked at the picture and went back without any comments. But bright orange and cool blue combination and the lighting present in the photo attracted me to write the comment. Nice shot and well seen..

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sat, 10/01/11 22:36

Nice work.