Island of Gold

Posted by Barry Dickieson on Thu, 09/30/10 20:47
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 09/30/10 21:12

Great find with your island of gold seemingly floating on lake of turquoise. The contrast between the island of gold and the muted nature of the background mountain slop really serves to make the golden hue of aspen trees stand out strongly in the image.

I find myself wanting to crop up from the bottom edge to the point of the shoreline reaching into the lake.

Comments by Gerry Vrbensky on Thu, 09/30/10 21:53

What I love about this picture is that there is there are no other colors any where else in the vast background which is so unusual. As Jan said, that is a great fine. It's like finding a nuget of gold. Well done.

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Thu, 09/30/10 22:00

Thanks Jan & Gerry for your comments - I think I agree about the crop
Jan. Here's another shot of "Island of Gold" I liked.

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 10/01/10 10:39

What a wonderful shot. The poplar leaves really stand out in the fall. A small nit, I get a feeling of a slight tilt.

Love your fall photos, Barry.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Fri, 10/01/10 16:49

I love both of them...great job!

Comments by kathrn on Fri, 10/01/10 20:20

Wow, both are simply gorgeous.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 10/02/10 18:17

Ditto to Sandi and Kathryn's comments!

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Sat, 10/02/10 18:20

LOvely, natural photographs !!

Comments by John Long on Sun, 10/03/10 12:01

Great autumn shots Barry - I would have liked just a little more detail in the dark trees on the left in the OP.

Comments by Barry Dickieson on Sun, 10/03/10 19:09

One last shot of the island.

Comments by Zhurinskiy Yasha on Sat, 10/30/10 10:23

Agree with Gerry that the lack of colors elsewhere makes this great! Thanks for posting, this
is the best nature photo I´ve seen in a while. And, unlike many others, it does not look
enhanced - a big plus (and I don´t care if it in fact is).