Manipulated in Photoshop

I do not Remember all the munipulations that made this image. I like to just change each image by trying to make it look good and try to find the tools that can do it.

Posted by Nathan Leonard Kern on Wed, 02/01/17 16:27
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/01/17 16:31

I like the paintlike feel of your composition and the contrast between the lighter floral presentation and the background which works to create a sense of depth in the picture... a manipulation that would be worthy of being written down so you could try it with different floral arrangements

Comments by Jacky on Wed, 02/21/18 14:53

I came here today to see who is still posting. Sadly, not a lot
of people posting. People who ARE posting are creating wonderful

On a whim, I thought I'd check on Nathan since I didn't see any
recent posts from him. Perhaps many of you already knew he had
passed. I was not aware, as I haven't been around here for
awhile. RIP, dear Nathan...

Comments by CHCollins on Wed, 02/28/18 00:13

I did not know Nathan Kern had passed -- sad. So has another of PC's historic contributors, Karen Habbestad. This site really is a dinosaur now, only a dozen or so of the heyday contributors remain, it appears. I check in every two or three years. Amazing that Qiang Li has not folded this up. Leslie Hancock, Walter Strong, Dima Zverev, "Zorro II", Martin Ceperly, Christel Green, Garry Schaefer. And so many talented others posted here.