It's Come To This?

A blue rim bowl sticking up from kitchen sink suds. Thanks for commenting (or

Posted by Jeff Dye on Fri, 02/23/18 16:14
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 02/23/18 16:33

Interesting composition that though it may be just a bowl in the kitchen sink carries the illusion of a serpent for me... the curve of the bowl along with the scale like feel of the multitude of bubbles in the sink creates that sense with a black background further enhancing that sense, for me.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Fri, 02/23/18 17:39

BEautiful CAmera work. And image !!

Comments by els mo on Fri, 02/23/18 18:37

It is a thing of beauty!
Even better cropped down from the top to a square image, imho.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 02/23/18 22:24

Thanks for the crop suggestion. Square is good.

Comments by S Roter on Sat, 02/24/18 20:04

This is a great image, good eye.

Comments by CHCollins on Tue, 02/27/18 21:23

This is a really nice photo, lighting-wise and technically. I love the details but my struggle is to find the center-of-attention. As posted, I sort of get drawn to that bulbous area of bubbles on the center left, which really isn't the strongest part of the photo. I think you could crop the top two-thirds, and the remaining bottom-third would be an intriguing image that lets viewers appreciate all the levels of detail and color.

Comments by CHCollins on Tue, 02/27/18 21:25

I correct myself -- I meant the bubbles at center-right. If I can't tell left from right, my comment is probably useless!

Comments by Steve Owen on Thu, 03/01/18 11:17

Great image!