Not a new pic. but i like the viewpoint, and the face. i also like the tight crop of his face.

does it work?

please feeback this alot!!!

Posted by axeltrading on Wed, 10/15/08 15:59
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Comments by Rick Longworth on Thu, 10/16/08 12:48

Ya this works.
kinda makes me wanna puke.

Comments by axeltrading on Thu, 10/16/08 14:47

thx. his legs is not too good. focus on his overbody, and face,.

Comments by Alias on Thu, 10/16/08 15:00


Comments by S Roter on Thu, 10/16/08 20:51

If you wanted us to focus on the 'overbody and face' why didn't you. I've never been in a club that the band dresses like that, at least not on purpose. Sorry but this pic takes me there.

Comments by axeltrading on Fri, 10/17/08 14:10


as always, thx for you feedback. you have a great camera mind.

Comments by axeltrading on Mon, 10/20/08 17:08

noe more feedback? was this so bad?

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Mon, 10/20/08 18:57

Hey Axe,
I like the idea here. But I don't think chopping off part of the head really works on this one and the loss of one foot is probably worse then the you are prime-ing for the stance, yet you dropped off a foot. And I find it really bizzare, if you are presenting a photo with legs that look horrible and then you are asking viewers not to look at that but key on the upper body. I think the idea here, is to present photos that you assume are good and seek confirmation of that from the viewers or if you are lucky, some sound advise on how to improve on what was presented. You might have maybe gone a touch far on this one as obviously you think it has serious problems, advise-ing me to please don't look at the legs that I am makeing you look at, but critique the upper torso with part of the head missing ?? does this make sense to you. I am open to most things..and I am thinking maybe you had a bad momment on submitting this one. But I like your idea here...the object here on Crtique is to successfully shoot that idea, then present it. I don't think you were very successful here. Right ? Please be nice to us in the us the good ones, please. I try to show good ones, and there not that good...I don't think you want to see my bad ones.

Comments by S Roter on Sat, 04/27/19 12:16

You don't present bad photos Greg, a comeback from the 2008 past.