Fun on the beach

Beach picture taken at Inch Strand in Ireland

Posted by John Long on Sat, 10/15/11 11:42
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 10/15/11 12:20

One would almost think that this is a winter image with the wet sand as ice except for the way the three people are dressed. I like the reflective quality of the wet sand and your relatively low perspective setting the shoreline and the background mountains high in the picture so that they don't distract from the three people. I might have cropped up slightly from the bottom edge to just below the shadowy reflection of the man.

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Sat, 10/15/11 15:11

There is nothing more exciting that a simple vaccation photo. The fact that it is low tide and one can walk out into the ocean gives it some interest. I would have concentrated on the wonderful layering of the mountains in the background, but maybe you took some additional shots that we have not seen.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sun, 10/16/11 11:49

The wet sand of the ebb tide, the pier in the distance and the family
strolling on it, make the beautiful photo, John... :)
The kid's bag and the finger of father, indicate a probable shells
collection, the usual amusement in these cases.

Excellent also for the strong reflections.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 10/17/11 09:59

Ahhh...the beach...nothing like going for a walk on the shoreline.;-)

Comments by John Long on Tue, 10/18/11 12:20

In another forum, someone suggested the people and vehicles on the beach were a distraction - so I produced this version!

Comments by Linda Frey on Tue, 10/18/11 12:42

Lovely family sharing time on the beach, and creating great reflections, too. I'd prefer the focus on the family had been sharper.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Tue, 10/18/11 18:59

Hard to clone out so much not leaving traces. I would not be able. No problem for me on the OP, I find it warm at heart, an image that transmits happiness. The people and cars in the background may be a little distractive, but I easily forget them to just focus on your subjects. Love the muted colors.