children of nature

Posted by hamid reza zamanian on Sun, 02/19/12 21:36
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 02/20/12 03:52

An interesting subject matter with the combination of the young child and the goats. I might have cut into the vertical tree trunk on the left to match up with the one on the right to create a partial natural framing for the picture. I like the low perspective with the catchlights in the child's eyes.

Comments by hamid reza zamanian on Mon, 02/20/12 21:40

thanks Jan, for your all-the-time instructive comments.i do agree with the framing you suggested.

Comments by SteveZ on Tue, 02/21/12 02:39

Lovely shot, Hamid, well composed.

Comments by hamid reza zamanian on Fri, 02/24/12 21:41

thank you SteveZ for commenting on my shot.