January Summer

Rio Vista CA, Jan 4, 2012 about 4pm. Im new to this...so any advice is much appreciated :)

Posted by Lindsay Clark on Fri, 01/06/12 16:43
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 01/06/12 17:31

Can't tell if this was posed or candid. In either case the one closest to the camera has
beautiful long blond hair and a nose. Would prefer to see her face. IMO it would've been
much better to have her turn and take a similar but not identical position as the other girl.
The light is very harsh with high contrast between shadow areas and the brightest (shirt and
shoulder). I'd remove what appears to be a road sign that's reflecting light. Would've been
easier to just compose without it. Pay attention to everything within the frame, not just the
main subject.

Comments by Lindsay Clark on Fri, 01/06/12 18:00

Thanks Jeff and I agree I wish I could see more of her face that would have been great :)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 01/06/12 19:30

I find myself wanting to move to the left having the face of both your sisters visible with the background to the right moving to background for your sisters and being less distractive. I find the toning and the lighting works to bring a paintlike feel to your sisters' picture which I like. A grey background color (left click on the mouse cycles one through a white, grey and black background) works to enhance the detailing in the image.