On The Way To Big Sky

Posted by Art Sands on Wed, 03/21/12 20:20
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Comments by Art Sands on Wed, 03/21/12 20:21

Nikon Cool Pix P90

Comments by Wesley Hatfield on Wed, 03/21/12 20:37

Nice pic :3 how'd you shoot that? Just curious.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 03/22/12 04:37

I like the transition in toning bottom to top (especially set against a black background which works to create more of an illusion of viewing the clouds and sky through the window of a plane).

Comments by Art Sands on Thu, 03/22/12 07:30

thanks guys - commercial flight to Bozeman MT - had to spend some time in PS evening out the gradations and increased the contrast a bit otherwise as seen through the window

Comments by Paul Bracey on Thu, 03/22/12 17:18

I'm getting some pixelation in the gradiations, but aside from that it's pretty nice

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Fri, 03/23/12 03:40

Good work, Art... :)
Attractive sky indeed.

Comments by Alias on Fri, 03/23/12 10:53

Noisy but very nice.

My guess is that this is either cropped from a larger image
or you have brightened it considerably,
hence the noise.

Aren't these "BridgeCameras" AKA "Super Zooms" great ?
The equivalent of carrying lenses from 26 – 624 mm !!!

Not as crisp as a prime lens on a DSLR ...
but MUCH more versatile.

Of course DSLRs don't measure up to Kodachrome ...
or a 4X5 or 8X10 ...
in some ways ...
but who wants to lug a tone of stuff everywhere ?

Comments by Art Sands on Fri, 03/23/12 15:44

Cropped and 72 dpi is responsible for the grain - miss the real cameras but digitial is just too inviting!