well.. i felt a bit lonely and boring so i decided 2 make some pictures and when i saw them on my pc i saw this picture and though "weee, that´s kool ô.o" and now i really like it and i want 2 know ur opinion >.< so please tell me, thx.

btw : made with Canon digital ixus 40

Posted by Hisoka on Fri, 06/02/06 14:52
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Comments by Garry Schaefer on Sat, 06/03/06 07:49

Sorry, but it's not doing much for me. The digital colour noise in the dark left hand side and the burned out needles on the right don't add up to success in this case.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 06/03/06 11:37

I like the idea, but I think that it would look better with that left side really black.