the sea walls

Posted by Craig Simpson on Sat, 06/24/06 08:53
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 06/24/06 09:54

I like the sense of flow that is brought to the image by the foreground seawall and the distant headland and the sense of texturing that comes through from the seawall.

Comments by Cleeo W on Sat, 06/24/06 11:10

Very nice... I think it also works when you crop out the distant shore. I like it.

Comments by richard cramb on Sat, 06/24/06 11:22

yup its Kirkcaldy.
I think your crop should have been further to the left, to include all of the see wall, btm to mid way left hand side.
I also think you have a very small tilt going right to left.
apart from that a very nice treatment to this post.
best with a grey bg.

Comments by MONIQUE STAP on Sat, 06/24/06 12:23

I would darken the left bottom half of the wall a bit, nice gritty image !!


Comments by Mustafa H.Digdigi on Sat, 06/24/06 13:08

Excellent shot. I liked the composition.

Comments by Rick Longworth on Sat, 06/24/06 13:32

This leads the eye in nicely and provides plenty of detail as well as overall structure to enjoy.

Comments by David G on Sat, 06/24/06 14:51

Monique said it well;
her intelligence is rare;
as is her beauty.


Comments by Rory Hudson on Sat, 06/24/06 15:10

Good image with helpful leading lines and composition; like the graininess.

Comments by Garry Schaefer on Sat, 06/24/06 20:02

Interesting subject. Strong composition. I suspect that the tweak suggested by Monique would well be worth a try on top of an already well done image.

Comments by Juana Aranega on Sun, 06/25/06 08:18

Great composition.Beautiful!!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 06/25/06 09:04

Garry said it well. I agree!