Nikki in black and white

digital rebel, ef24-85, alien bees B800

Posted by Michael Beach on Thu, 08/03/06 19:57
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Comments by Michael Beach on Thu, 08/03/06 19:58

she's a real beauty

Comments by Michael Beach on Sat, 08/05/06 15:17

maybe the color version will go over better :)

Comments by AG Laycock on Sat, 08/05/06 17:37

She's quite the looker and I think you did a good job. The lighting looks straightforward and direct - which works. My only nit would be that the background is too textured and actually competes with her....although that it's hard to believe.

I think this is probably the wrong site for this type of photo. Maybe something a bit calmer and quietly pleasant.

Comments by Jeff K. on Sat, 08/05/06 22:13

Andy's right, it is hard to believe that anyone with even an ounce of testosterone would think that ANY background could compete with this woman for attention....then again Andy IS Canadian. ;-)

Nicely done. Your b&w conversion is very nice....good tones.

Comments by Steve Owen on Sat, 08/05/06 22:32

What background? Nice shot of a beautiful lady.