Olympus C-750, manual mode. I was driving down the road and notice the sunset, I pulled over and starting shooting, I still have alot to learn about what settings to use to get the pic i want. The sun was just a big red/orange ball. I know the 3rd pic is very dark, but the sun stood out well.
comments, suggestions welcome, thanks

Posted by Dawna Wolfe on Fri, 08/04/06 07:31
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Comments by Rick Longworth on Fri, 08/04/06 08:03

Nice set. I find 3 a bit problematic. You could just leave it out.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 08/04/06 08:56

I like image 3 with the transition from more of the lighted day to the relative darkness of the evening sky (just if one could see more of the horizon line as is the case with the other pictures).

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 08/04/06 11:38

Nice sunset series, and the black mattes enhance the images.

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 08/04/06 19:19

I agree with Rick.

The third one would be find on its own, too.

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 08/04/06 19:20

Fine, not find.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 08/09/06 09:15

Agree with Linda. The third is nice by its own, but I'd still leave it out of this set...