Posted by els mo on Sun, 10/01/06 19:29
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 10/01/06 19:35

With the nail in the upper right hand corner the combination of the images works to create, for me, the sense of an old image pegged to a wall and weathered by the elements... speaks of something found in a house that has long been deserted by the people who lived there and called the house home.

Comments by Dave Lavash on Mon, 10/02/06 03:28

It's really intriguing how you have taken unrelated shapes and made them work together. Very well done and creative.

Comments by Rick Longworth on Mon, 10/02/06 10:49

Cool man. I really like the idea that Im looking at the corner of a much larger print hanging on the wall of my garage or basement.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Mon, 10/02/06 14:38

Just wonderful!

Comments by Mustafa H.Digdigi on Mon, 10/02/06 15:45

It looks like an alternative processess printing and very creative. Well seen.

Comments by luis pereira on Tue, 10/03/06 01:30

You come up with some wonderful ideas and have fun doing it. I do enjoy it very much and it does inspire one to go and try new stuff instead of driving the cat or dog crazy with the flash. Not that I do that...you understand.

Comments by Linda Frey on Tue, 10/03/06 06:59

Wonderful, Els. I can just imagine that all the surfaces around your neighbourhood have these fantastic photos on them. ;-)