Going for that never before seen shot of DC, LOL! ;-)

Posted by Lance M. Williams on Sat, 11/18/06 17:58
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 11/18/06 18:38

It must be interesting to live in a city where so many of the structures and the buildings are highlighted at night rather than just being darkened hulks looming along side the streets.

Comments by Karen Habbestad on Sat, 11/18/06 18:40


Nicely done Lance.

Comments by Lance M. Williams on Sun, 11/19/06 04:47

Yeah, it's nice live here if you can avoid the murders, car jackings, muggings, robberies, car thefts, kiddy car theives, 2-hour beltway traffic jams at 6:00 am on Saturday morning, two-faced big-headed crook politicians & buthole drivers.

Yep, pretty great city!

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sun, 11/19/06 05:58

Great photo, crisp and precisely composed, with beautiful light. Sell it for a postcard, or has that already been done?

Comments by Linda Frey on Sun, 11/19/06 14:28

Everything looks so sharp. A composite perhaps?

Comments by Lance M. Williams on Sun, 11/19/06 17:02

No sale yet... ;-) Linda, this is actually a HDR composite from 6 differently exposed images. I had the camera on a tripod then shot at f/8 starting at 1 second up to 4 seconds then combined the exposures.

Comments by Tom Mallon on Sun, 11/19/06 19:50

Yes, this is a very nice composition! I was born and raised in Washington, don't think I have ever seen these buildings aligned just this way, but they look great.

Comments by Lance M. Williams on Mon, 11/20/06 04:20

The buildings haven't moved Tom. ;-) Head up to the Iwa Jima memorial the next time you get a chance then walk to the right towards that God awful looking tower given to us from the Netherlands, then have a look downtown. ;-)

Comments by Maria Salvador on Mon, 11/20/06 10:49