Water Lilies in a Colorado Lake - Again

A remake of my previous post. Cropped, colors tweaked. I'm interested in if
you think this is an improvement of the earlier version.

As always, your comments are welcome, be they good, bad, or indifferent.

Posted by Jim Stevens on Mon, 11/20/06 18:36
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Comments by slacker on Tue, 11/21/06 13:53

I would like to see it shot with a polarizer....

Comments by Rosina Palmer on Tue, 11/21/06 14:29

not having seen your previous post. looking at this one, I would clone out the light 'dots'

I like the composition



Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 11/22/06 12:32

Better indeed. Although I think it would be even better without the reflected clouds or at least with the water being darker... Only my opinion, anyway.

Comments by DebbiK on Sat, 12/09/06 06:30

nice improvement over the original post-the greens look very nice on my monitor and I like the little yellow growth peeking out on the right