Street Dog

Turkey / Antalya

Nikon N65, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, Kodak 400TX, Minolta Dual Scan III Film Scanner, SilverFast SEPlus

Thanks for view.

Posted by Mustafa H.Digdigi on Fri, 03/16/07 13:26
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Comments by Rick Longworth on Fri, 03/16/07 15:09

The dog matches the wall very well. What strong textures!
The head tilt is a great bonus.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 03/16/07 15:48

The dog really blends with the background and one almost would be left to think that they were looking at a statue of a dog placed in front of the wall instead of a living breathing animal. The perspective showing from near the level of the dog's head, the contrasting textural feel between the softness of the dog and the hardness of the wall, and just the pose of the dog (as if it were trying to figure out exactly you are doing) all work to create a visually interesting image.

Comments by Len Farrell on Fri, 03/16/07 15:49

Nice use of textures.

IMO, I wish there was no shadow on the left of his face. Ths shadow on his body does not bother me and his shadow on the wall is good as it helps define him.

Nice job.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 03/16/07 17:08

Great, as said above.

Comments by Rory Hudson on Fri, 03/16/07 17:13

A good sympathetic study of the dog. I do just wish both eyes were clearly visible.

Comments by Garry Schaefer on Fri, 03/16/07 18:33

Ha! In its chamelion like way, it has adopted the tones and textures of the bg.

Comments by Michael Hibbitts on Sat, 03/17/07 08:35

Camouflaged K-9 and an interesting wall pattern for real B&W photography - good catch!

Comments by Dave Lavash on Sat, 03/17/07 12:13

A nice shot, but looks a bit oversharpened.