Posted by J. Morris on Thu, 08/09/07 21:51
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 08/09/07 21:57

I find the colors particularly appealing when a grey background is made use of with the sense of texturing from the metal doors and the brickwork and the finishing touch of the green vines helping to enhance the visual impact of the image.

Comments by J. Morris on Thu, 08/09/07 22:07

Thanks so much Jan. To me it's as if the vine is caressing the doors.

Comments by Linda Frey on Fri, 08/10/07 00:14

Gritty old doors. I like the contrast between the curvy vine and the pipe on the opposite side of the doors.

Comments by DebbiK on Fri, 08/10/07 18:16

You have captured some neat elements between the brick, doors, and vine. Nicely seen.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Fri, 08/10/07 18:46

Ditto to Debbi's comment. Great colors on this old and interesting door!

Comments by Rick Longworth on Sat, 08/11/07 11:45

Cool. Maybe its a little tight. a wider shot might help.

Comments by Peirce Behrendt on Sat, 08/11/07 15:54

I like the contrasting textures, and the extra emphasis created by the colors.