Posted by Rory Hudson on Fri, 11/09/07 03:04
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 11/09/07 08:34

A great background here to make Zety stand out strongly in the image. I like the expressive nature that you caught in her features, the mentioned contrast which works to bring a 3 dimensional feel to the image, and the quality of her eyes (my only nit comes into play here since I would have liked to have seen a heightened feel for the catchlights in her eyes).

Comments by Stelin on Fri, 11/09/07 10:53

Nice engaging lively portrait -- conveys a lot of character. The background gives added interest although I would have preferred it if the red palm print wasn't chopped off -- elements like that distract and tend to lead the eye out of the frame which is not what you want.

Comments by jacques barbier on Fri, 11/09/07 15:09

Good capture of a nice expression, agree about the hand.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 11/09/07 19:35

This is a great portrait of Zety! You are VERY good at portraits. They always seem so comfortble and at ease not to mention happy, when happy's called for that is. The hand? I don't see it as a distraction, really, anymore than if it were full, but agree it would improve it to have had it full.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 11/09/07 22:16

Ditto Stelin

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sat, 11/10/07 15:01

we all love you, Zety
very beautiful portrait...:)

Comments by DebbiK on Mon, 11/12/07 07:54

grear candid shot!