Posted by Linda Frey on Fri, 11/09/07 12:28
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Comments by Maria Salvador on Fri, 11/09/07 14:44

Funny, it looks brighter when I download it and see on photoshop. An interesting play of nets and shadows. Quite intricate!

Comments by Alias on Fri, 11/09/07 14:50

all of that man-made geometric regidity
and my eye escapes to the sinusoidal serenity
of the natural curves of the background

guess I just like curves ! ;-)

Comments by Stelin on Fri, 11/09/07 15:40

This is a strange shot - clever, but strange. I freely confess that it doesn't do anything for me. I was going to pass it over and simply not comment but that felt too much like taking the easy way out.
You have a good idea her with the interplay of lines and angles especially with the shadows, however it feels cluttered, as if there are too many of them, and perhaps that it why I don't like it that much.-- perhaps one element too many. I also don't really like he heavy thick shadows, (posts??) but you probably couldn't do much about them.
Sorry to be a little negative, but I figured you would prefer honesty rather than nothing.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 11/09/07 15:53

I find that if you had some editing effect that would give a darkened (almost moonlit) feel to the wiring that the shadowy effect is heightened (the wires themselves seem to become the shadows of some wiring that is off camera and you simply photographed their shadows on a wall). I have a freeware program called Virtual Photographer which has some interesting darker toning effects that work well with this particular composition.

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Fri, 11/09/07 17:03

For me, there are too many planes and overlapping lines. It might have worked if the cake cooler on top wasn't there.

Comments by dave belmar on Fri, 11/09/07 19:27

Ditto Ruth's comment, although I am intrigued with it: analyzing, trying to figure out which is shadow and which is not - and what made which shadows.

Also reminded me of the only unpleasant part of grilling: cleaning the grates. UGH!

Comments by Tommy McGee on Sat, 11/10/07 21:01

I agree with Dave in that it is interesting trying to decipher all the shadows. I still can't figure out how the most diagonal shadow was elongated so much. As a whole it is kind of mind boggling, though. I downloaded the photo and found that you can kind of take it apart with threshold adjustment. In fact, by cropping a portion of the lower right quadrant, applying threshold and a background color it makes an intersting abstract.

Comments by John Wise on Sat, 11/10/07 22:21

There are nice lines and shadows on the right side, but there seemes to be a little too much chaos as a whole. Perhaps the top rack is too recognizable.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Sat, 11/17/07 14:22

I think I would like it much better with out the lighter colored metal grill on top. It is definately intricate and makes you want to follow the lines, though.