Glories of Autumn

The light was just right for the reflections of the autumn leaves in the water under this bridge.

Posted by Pam Clark on Fri, 11/09/07 20:17
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 11/09/07 20:23

The varied vivid colors capture the sense of autumn well. The reflective nature of the water (almost mirror-like in quality) would make me want to climb up on the bridge to get a better perspective on the water and the foliage that is reflected in that water. I might have cropped down slightly from the top edge to eliminate the white patch towards the upper left hand side of the picture.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 11/09/07 20:27

Ditto Jan. There's too much going on in this composition.

Comments by Pam Clark on Fri, 11/09/07 20:51

Okay, that's why I am here - to get the critique! Thanks guys!

Here is an update - maybe not perfect, but better.

Comments by Stelin on Sat, 11/10/07 02:06

The second crop is a little better. The colours are lovely, but overall it remains very busy and cluttered, with little for the eye to rest on. The reflections are not that easy to work out at first glance.
I am sure that somewhere around there, a slightly better viewpoint or angle would have presented itself

Comments by Rory Hudson on Sat, 11/10/07 18:18

I dunno. I don't agree that it's too busy. Some images benefit from a splurge of colour and I think this is one of them. The eye does not necessarily have to come to rest on a point of focus, IMHO. As well as good colours this image has depth due to the line formed by those two trees, which sets up an intersting triangle with the bridge. I say good.