Nikon D80
Nikon SB600 fill W/diffuser

Posted by Jim Whitt on Fri, 11/09/07 22:59
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Comments by Stelin on Sat, 11/10/07 02:09

Nice one for the family album. The pastel tones and general low contrast work well with a toddler as a subject. Ideally I would have her viewed fornt three quarter rather than rear to get a better view of her facial expression. I appreciate the stonework was in the way, but could you perhaps have leaned out a bit??

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 11/10/07 07:15


Comments by Jim Whitt on Sat, 11/10/07 07:57

Thank you both.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 11/10/07 08:38

I appreciate Steve's suggestion with that view perhaps being able to bring the eyes of the young child into play in the image. The picture works well when set against a black background. There is a sense of curiosity of the child captured in the image with the reach of the arm while the contrast between that of the young child and the relatively muted nature of the background helps to make the child stand out quite strongly in the photograph.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sat, 11/10/07 14:56

lovely indeed...