Palm Leaf

Posted by Mo Fridlich on Mon, 02/11/08 10:58
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Comments by Mo Fridlich on Mon, 02/11/08 11:00

On black please!

Comments by Rick Longworth on Mon, 02/11/08 12:19

Black it is! And a nice simple design. Feels like racing through a tunnel. Glimmer of sun is a big plus.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 02/11/08 12:24

I like the flow of the ridges on the surface of palm leaf which works to draw the eyes of the viewer to the heart of the leaf. Good sense of texturing also apparent in the picture. There are two ovals on the right side of the image... dust on the leaf perhaps... I wonder if cropping these out would effect the sense of flow in the picture?

Comments by Dave Geyer on Mon, 02/11/08 13:29

Quite an interesting design, with good color and lines. Well seen and captured! For some reason I'm seeing an abstract butterfly in this image.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Mon, 02/11/08 18:01

REALLY good shot, Mo and as Rick says, you getting the sunlight in there that way makes it different.

Comments by Bill Leggett on Mon, 02/11/08 19:32

Well done abstract of nature. A good example of how a centered comp works nicely.

Comments by Jeff Smith on Mon, 02/11/08 21:12

very nice shot.. very original as well! The ridges on the leaf look great from this perspective. it almost looks like aluminum siding.. great!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 02/13/08 14:20

Very well seen and done. I saw a butterfly too, and the wings move as I scroll it up and down.