Water Source

I have often wondered where the lake gets its water.

Posted by J.I. Rogers on Mon, 02/11/08 12:20
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Comments by Julie M. Dant on Mon, 02/11/08 17:55

Love the tiny splash! ;0)

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Mon, 02/11/08 18:40

Darn, that's good!

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 02/11/08 19:23

An interesting composition showing the source of the river and then the stream itself... I can see the pictures but how did you create the water droplets?

Comments by DebbiK on Mon, 02/11/08 23:12

creative and fun!

Comments by John Wise on Wed, 02/13/08 00:50

Wow! Good stuff! The waterfall picture looks excellent too!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 02/13/08 14:27

Good idea. Creative, fun and well done!

Comments by Josiah Friberg on Wed, 02/13/08 15:26

Very imaginative, my friend! You did a great job with this creation.