"here's looking at you..."

Posted by Frank B on Mon, 02/11/08 23:19
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Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Tue, 02/12/08 02:21

Tender and sweet image of beautiful gulls...:)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 02/12/08 08:06

"Yup everything looks ready for takeoff. Go for it!" Well seen and well captured... I might have gone for a tighter cropping of these pair of gulls just to bring them into more prominence in the picture.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Wed, 02/13/08 02:32

Or.."Just TRY landing on my post, buster!". Good shot. I love to photograph gulls. They can be hilarious!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 02/13/08 14:52


Comments by Dave Geyer on Wed, 02/13/08 18:17

Not sure exactly what that bird's lookin' at. Actually, this is one of those pictures that one could have a caption contest for! This is just way too funny!