alpaca 2

They make clothing from the fleece. They make me chuckle.

Posted by Rick Longworth on Fri, 04/04/08 22:15
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Comments by Rick Longworth on Fri, 04/04/08 22:17

The one above has a rare blue eye. It was a little strange acting. It would come up to you for a kiss.
Here's a baby.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 04/04/08 22:22

Well I have the answer to the previously photograph looking at the alpacas in this picture. I thought for a minute before I read your comments that this alpaca had just spit at you rather than coming up trying to get a kiss... the creature just has a wary look about it.

Comments by Karen Habbestad on Fri, 04/04/08 22:43

so fun.
i want to hang out with them.

Comments by Linda Frey on Sat, 04/05/08 00:49

Their mouths are held in such a prim way. Then they have that fluffy bang of hair. Definitely funny.

There are a few places around here that raise alpaca and llamas. But I've never visited them. Too bad.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 04/05/08 09:05

The OP looks great - and funny. Would only clone out the white bit on the top right.

Comments by Rick Longworth on Sat, 04/05/08 14:16

According to the owners (and our experience) they are shy and harmless. They do not kick, spit, or anything much. Bianca, the blue eyed one, had the unusual desire to come close for a eye-to-eye look. She charged quickly over to inspect my camera and I nearly fell over backward, expecting to be soundly thrashed. the owner quickly calmed me, and I was told I need not back off. She is a lover not a fighter. 8-)

Comments by John Long on Wed, 04/09/08 05:51

Well I wouldn't want a lover (as you say) with a hairy face like that, despite the charming blue eyes!
Just that little white bit of sky needing attention.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 04/11/08 18:53

Awwww, Bianca's in love with or your camera. ;0) You must go back and visit her..don't just leave her in the lurch, now Rick.
The one in comments looks a tad Cro-Magnon!

Comments by Rick Longworth on Fri, 04/11/08 20:00

You guys are too much "leave her in the lurch"!!!