Paris Nights

Canon SD870IS
Ultra Compact

A bit over processed, I admit, but I got some of what I was attempting....

Posted by Bruce Hunter on Thu, 04/10/08 18:06
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Comments by Charlene Dunaway on Thu, 04/10/08 18:52

I like the gritty city look. It reminds me of the times my mother and I stayed up all night watching film noir movies. Isn't that Humphrey Bogart I see?

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 04/10/08 19:29

You got the gritty urban look down... I wonder if straight b&w would have enhanced that feel even more? The various sources of light work well to add texturing to the cobblestone street while at that same time working to create a sense of flow that helps to lead the eyes of the viewer deep into the darkness of the Parisian night. There does seem to be a slight tilt to the left in the image.

Comments by Rosina Palmer on Fri, 04/11/08 03:27

here's one of my insightful comments :)

I like it, Bruce.


Comments by Julie M. Dant on Fri, 04/11/08 07:20

I like it, also, Bruce and the tone.

Comments by Robert Collings on Fri, 04/11/08 21:39

I am also going to say gritty...very textural..I could have sworn I smelled a gauloise...

Comments by Rory Hudson on Fri, 04/11/08 23:36

Nice moody shot, but the noise is a bit too obvious. There is also a bit of a tilt to the left.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sat, 04/12/08 08:10

The over processed look adds to the mood - imho - but I think I might prefer it leveled. Overall I like it.

Comments by John Wise on Sun, 04/13/08 22:23

Processed perfectly to suit me! Great mood!

Comments by les perry on Mon, 04/14/08 16:01

The tilt is not adding anything, like the rest, one wondered if the street was perhaps a little to busy, perhaps one charecter would of made it more mysterious and intriguiging,(eg the one left front)

Comments by DebbiK on Mon, 04/14/08 20:54

This works well for me aside from the slight tilt.

Comments by david leahy on Fri, 05/02/08 21:58

very nice!