Just An Everyday Look At Northern NY

A digital shot

Posted by Kristine Gregory on Thu, 05/29/08 17:58
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Comments by Kristine Gregory on Thu, 05/29/08 18:01

Hello Everyone..Just wanted to say that I personally love this shot..but in parts looks a little grainy to me :(

Comments by Rory Hudson on Thu, 05/29/08 21:00

Very nice balance of colours in this, and I like the rather dark sombre tones you have got. I don't notice any excessive graininess.

Comments by Rick Longworth on Thu, 05/29/08 21:29

The rock, water and sky are nice. I'd crop some of the grass away.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 05/29/08 21:41

I agree with Rick about the various elements that make up the picture but in my case I'd crop out some of the sky (there is a break between the greenery lying along the left edge) which works to give more prominence to the rock formation and the water which I find to be the most important portions of your north country composition. And I also like the enhanced textural feel that is given to the V shape of the rock formation by the cropping.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Thu, 05/29/08 23:43

Pleasant landscape... :)
Please, forgive me for my passion for the square format...
Paysage agréable... :)
S'il vous plaît, pardonnez-moi pour ma passion pour le format carré...