Watch out for the sting

Taken at the Eden Project some years ago. A display set in what was an old lime quarry.

Posted by Dennis Hancock on Fri, 05/30/08 08:26
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Comments by Maria Salvador on Fri, 05/30/08 08:35

Wow! Any way to get rid of the poles over the insect's wing, and perhaps de-saturate the blue of the persons' clothes and the red of the horizontal thing? Love the sculpture over the diagonal lines of flowers and the background landscape fits very well, in my opinion.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 05/30/08 08:39

Thank goodness bees don't get this large... an interesting manner in which to draw the attention of the visitors to this area to the flower display. Maybe we could borrow the sculpture for the summer for our English Gardens here in Winnipeg.

Comments by Dennis Hancock on Fri, 05/30/08 09:27

Thank you both and Maria I didn't notice the poles. I also used Jan's method from Virtual Photographer and used the romance effect instead of the transperancy.

Comments by John Long on Fri, 05/30/08 12:37

You obviously had a better day than I did when I was there a few weeks ago! I snapped this insect too, but you have a better sky than mine!
Interesting shot Dennis!

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Fri, 05/30/08 14:52

Remarkable sculpture indeed, Dennis and John... :)
And you see?... you have already a customer: Jan... for the English Gardens in Winnipeg...
Sculpture remarquable en effet, Dennis et John... :)
Et vous voyez?... vous avez déjà un client: Jan... pour les Jardins Anglais dans Winnipeg...