Sparks 2

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Posted by Christopher Azzopardi on Thu, 08/06/09 12:12
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Thu, 08/06/09 13:12

A strong industrial feel to the composition with the sheet of sparks being thrown out by the grinder. The lighting works well in highlighting the form of the man and bringing out the metal that he is working on. One can really see the importance of the safety glasses with the random spark striking the glasses.

Comments by Tom Manson on Thu, 08/06/09 17:58

Great scene. I love the spark right into the goggles.

Comments by Kara Williams on Thu, 08/06/09 23:49

I agree with the above comments. It would be a great pic for an ad promoting safety goggles.

Comments by Light Grapher on Mon, 08/10/09 17:11

Excellent work. Very nice light.

Comments by Kara Williams on Mon, 08/10/09 18:26

You timed this shot well. The exposure is perfect in this shot.

Comments by Sandra Koz on Tue, 08/18/09 00:41

Perfect timing!
I wish I could see more of his face... I would probably try this from a lower position so that it is possible to see his eyes through the glasses.