You just can't go to the Grand Canyon without making that relatively short jaunt to the slots of Antelope Canyon. This is from Upper. The sand blows down from the surface and collects on some of the shelves till it overflows. Or, somebody picks up a couple handfuls and tosses it up on the shelf. I saw both this trip. Once the people from the short tours are finished, there's time for the two hour photog's tour to get down to business. This was taken with a Canon 5dm2, tripod (too dark not to use one for the most part) 24-70, f16@3 sec, 400iso. I knew the sand would stop soon so this was hurried. I didn't even notice the "s" curve of light in the sand until processing it in photo shop. Thank you for your comments here and on previous posts. Greg

Posted by Greg Collins on Sat, 08/08/09 14:49
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 08/08/09 15:09

I like the manner in which the light highlighted portions of the rock formation and the floor steps one down through the image, the sand flowing from the rock on the right (reminds one of an hour glass) and the serpentine nature of the highlighted sand (strikes me more like a stream flowing through the lower part of the image). A grey background color works well with the rose toning of the setting.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Sat, 08/08/09 16:22

Well, I'm jealous. So you're one of the sand tossers eh? This is outstanding. 'S' curve is

Comments by Greg Collins on Sat, 08/08/09 16:48

Thanks Jan and Jeff. I didn't toss any sand but the tour guides sure did. I got some shots with sand pouring down from the surface but it's very faint and almost looks more like a defect than what it is. I just printed this at 16x20, slightly lighter overall, looks good.

Comments by John Long on Sat, 08/08/09 16:59

Never been there during my one and only visit to the US, but seen many hundreds of pictures from the Slot Canyons.
I love the 's' curve in the sand and the light filtering down - great shot Greg!

Comments by Tom Manson on Sat, 08/08/09 23:01


Comments by S Roter on Sun, 08/09/09 02:22

This is an image I won't forget soon. I like the open shadows with the tamed highlights and it still has a beautiful contrast.

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Sun, 08/09/09 11:48


Comments by Alan Miller on Sun, 08/09/09 22:23

I like how each of the 3 sand "beams" turned out in different lengths. Great shot

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 08/30/09 08:34

A big WOW... Great!