Posted by flemming rasmussen on Sun, 08/09/09 01:33
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 08/09/09 09:47

The reflective nature of the water is interesting but the reflections do have an oversharpened feel to them. I find a crop from the top edge to just below the blue rope also works for me with the eyes of the viewer being directed more fully to the reflective nature of the water with just a touch of the boat's hull being included in the picture.

Comments by Tom Manson on Sun, 08/09/09 21:35

I love the water. Would prefer the tan rope at top to either be lower in the frame or cropped

Comments by Sal Santostefano on Sun, 08/09/09 21:57

I feel as though there's too much water and not enough boat. I also feel as though this idea would have work much better if the water was more calm so that the viewer could see a clearer reflection of the vessel. Seems as though you may have went a little "overboard" with the sharpening as there is a glitter effect in parts of the photo. I really enjoy a similar shot in your gallery that you had posted on 07/19/09.

Comments by flemming rasmussen on Mon, 08/10/09 01:11

Thank you for all comment, have a very nice photoday. Best regards flemming

Comments by Kara Williams on Mon, 08/10/09 18:53

Works for me. I like the ripples effect in the water outlined by the black. It is a very pleasing image.

Comments by susanlohan on Wed, 09/09/09 14:57

Wonderful Photo!

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