Hawaiian orange fungus

I saw this fungus on the side of a rotting log during our trip to Hawaii last year. It was so brilliant it almost seemed to be illuminated fron the inside. Taken with my Sony DSC-H2,focal length 26mm at 1/125 sec., F3.5 on ISO 125.

Posted by Rifleman1776 on Sat, 01/16/10 10:27
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Comments by Maria Salvador on Wed, 01/20/10 09:53

It is nice and bright indeed, pity the distractive needles all around...

Comments by Rifleman1776 on Wed, 01/20/10 10:15

Thank you for your comment. Personally, I believe the pine needles lend to the naturalness of the 'nature' setting. I could have brushed the needles away if I thought they harmed the shot. It's an eye of the beholder thing.