Another Albury Sunset

Have resized as advised.

Posted by Steven Taylor on Sun, 01/17/10 15:36
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 01/17/10 16:13

The resizing of both sunset images really makes quite a difference. Were both these sunset images taken on the same evening? If so quite a range in the color in the sunset sky.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sun, 01/17/10 20:30

Beautiful sky!

Comments by Steven Taylor on Sun, 01/17/10 20:44

Sunsets were taken on consecutive nights and a floash was not used in either. The glow on the ghost gum was from another source as I had zoomed in from extreme range

Comments by Harry Liston on Sun, 01/17/10 21:04

Good sharpness and great colour!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Mon, 01/18/10 15:50

When a sunset sky turns colorful it can always be described as "pretty" but may still be very
ordinary and lacking in other visual qualities. If some form of the ground, including trees, is
going to be included it needs to be a very thin foundation IMO. An exception might be a
jagged ridge of mountains. The big, dense tree sticking up in the middle of the frame
doesn't add anything IMO. It's mostly a large black mass with no particular or interesting
shape to it. I think better advantage could've been taken of the leafless tree to the right.

Comments by Steven Taylor on Mon, 01/18/10 21:33

One problem with your idea John Dye is the fact that the leafless tree is leafless. The sun is directly behind the leafy bush. If it was behind a leafless bush.......

Comments by Sal Santostefano on Tue, 01/19/10 01:16

I like!