Posted by Aleksey Myagkov on Fri, 03/12/10 21:19
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Comments by Daniel Chay on Sat, 03/13/10 03:23


This picture would have been perfect with the entire feet of the two men.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Sat, 03/13/10 08:50

Great Aleksey... :)
You expressed your good taste in photographing.
Missing feet may be recreated with a patient editing, who knows?

Comments by Aleksey Myagkov on Sat, 03/13/10 10:09

Thank you both for your comments. I knew that "cutted off" feet. I was just so exited making this shot.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 03/13/10 14:39

Well seen with interesting background elements combined with the two men passing along the sidewalk but unfortunately as you say you got too excited by the view and missed the feet of the men. As is (unless of course you can recreate the missing feet with patient editing as Pietro suggests) I would suggest cropping up from the bottom edge to just above the white band along the bottom edge of the picture (the white band tends to draw the eyes of the viewer to that area of the image and then you notice that the feet of the passing men have been missed).

Comments by Aleksey Myagkov on Sat, 03/13/10 16:41

Thank you, Jan. I understand your logic and tried to crop the image that way. Unfortunatelly it is imapossible for me to take a fresh look at the picture.
I woud like to take more "hunting" on streets, improve skills to prevent from such rough mistakes.

Comments by Linda Frey on Sat, 03/13/10 17:06

Excellent idea. I'll look forward to seeing it with the feet!

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sun, 03/14/10 14:19

Great. Looks like they're about to collide.

Comments by John0smart on Sun, 10/09/11 16:00

business men alway so busy