Cruise on the Li river Yangshuo China

Posted by Hui Gao on Mon, 06/21/10 10:33
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 06/21/10 12:48

You really captured the cruising experience on the river with the line of cruise boats creating a sense of flow to lead the eyes of the viewer through the four boats.

Looks like people are really packed together... the landscape in view would probably make up for the crowding of so many people together.

Comments by kathrn on Mon, 06/21/10 19:38

really nice detail and composition of the boats in the curve of the river.

Comments by Linda Frey on Mon, 06/21/10 23:43

Those boats look as though they could tip. Especially if people moved to one side for some reason!

Comments by Alias on Tue, 06/22/10 13:06

Colorful, chock-full, and perilous.
I think Linda got it right and seem to remember a capsize for the exact reason she states.

Comments by Hui Gao on Tue, 06/22/10 13:38

take look how they wash dishes after food service on the boat

Comments by Bob Buckles on Tue, 06/29/10 21:54

About two more people on board and that boat would swamp.