dandyloins looking up into the sky

in country, on a warm day, as the wind hitting the dandylions as they move with wind.

Posted by Jennie Rioux on Tue, 06/22/10 11:21
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Tue, 06/22/10 12:08

IMO this photo doesn't work very well. The front dandelions should be the ones in focus IMO
and with a little looking around you could've probably found some in much better condition.
The severe slant must be for a reason. What would it be?

Comments by Jennie Rioux on Fri, 06/25/10 09:48

dont comment on my pictures if your going to be a douchebag.
im not a professional prographer, im learning everything on my own and i think its a pretty good picture!

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 06/25/10 10:32

I expressed an opinion and asked you a valid question which you've refused to answer. If
that makes me a "douchebag" so be it. You posted a photograph and by doing so you're
asking for opinions but apparently anyone who comments has to share your opinion that
"it's a pretty good picture." I don't want to spend the weekend in douchebagdom so I'll
compliment you on getting down to dandelion level and wish you good luck in "learning
everything on your own" which is what the majority of photographers do.

Comments by SteveZ on Fri, 06/25/10 11:09

Jennie, this is a "critique" forum and Jeff is just trying to help, no need to get nasty. I have to say, I do like the slant and the perspective you've chosen, but I agree with him about the out of focus foreground dandelions.

Comments by Alias on Fri, 06/25/10 12:13

Regardless of your opinion of the quality of your "picture",

Your attitude is terrible.

Jeff is generally one of the most helpful people on this site,
not only stating his opinions, but giving you his reasons for them.

I don't always agree with Jeff's opinions, but he is never deliberately offensive.

He did not attack you personally.

Few people here are "professional photographers".

Most of the people here are "self-taught" in the sense that they have not benefitted from
formal education in photography, but no one can "know it all" and we are all learning
something from each other just by being here.

If you want honest opinions and help,
I suggest that you apologize and answer Jeff's reasonable question.

Comments by dannyshyan on Fri, 07/02/10 00:19

I'm afraid I'll have to agree with jeff here as well...looking at this picture, it would have more impact if the dandelion closest to the viewer was in clear focus AND the horizon was level. There are very few times when a 45 degree slanted horizon would be appealing in a photograph.....

Listening to jeff's advice and feedback WILL improve your technique. He is harsh and sure your feelings make be "hurt" but suck it up...lots of times he has asked me why I have bothered to post stuff when it should have been deleted !! When I look at the picture again, I;ll say to myself....geez, this picture ISN't i sharp focus, or my horizon IS totally slanted, or, yikes, I didn't even realize this or that.....