The Auxiliary Firefighter

Canon 20D 1/200 at F4. Canon 580EXII Camera left high through satin umbrella at 1/2 power.

Posted by kbateman on Wed, 09/01/10 19:29
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 09/01/10 19:38

I like the pose of the fireman clutching the axe with both hands (brings a sense of strength... determination) to the portrait of the man and the contrast between the fireman and the background darkness.

I would like to lighten the image slightly to highlight more of the detailing on the figure of the auxiliary fireman and to make the fireman stand out even more strongly in the image and desaturate the magenta toning to give the skin tones a more natural feel.

Comments by Greg Collins on Wed, 09/01/10 21:02

I agree with Jan about exposure and the skin tone problem. This copy had a levels adjustment, saturation adjustment and channel mixer knocking down the blue channel just a little to bring back the skin tone. I understand you may have wanted a "mood" here, so keep working on the lighting while keeping some part of the subject properly exposed and you'll be closer to that dark mood. Let's see more...

Comments by Maria Salvador on Sun, 09/19/10 10:22

Nice, especially on Greg's re-work.