the hardest part for the model was keeping her composure while the water was pounding her face.

Posted by jerry hoppens on Mon, 11/01/10 23:36
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Comments by Jeff Dye on Thu, 11/04/10 12:15

This is about to go to page 2 without a comment so bear with me for an opinion. You also
received no comment on your first post and a worthless comment on "Fishbutt" (whatever
that was about.) I've been posting and commenting on this site for a very long time and
experience has shown me that this type of photo generally (meaning most of the time but
not always) gets overlooked or if any comments are offered they're meaningless. I'm sure
you'd like something constructive or encouraging and there are other sites where this type
of photo is the norm and you could exchange opinions and ideas with others who do this
type of work. Of course you're free to do whatever you want within the rules of the site but
in case you're wondering why your female photos aren't getting any response I wanted to
express the reason (in my opinion) so you don't waste a bunch of your time.

Comments by jerry hoppens on Thu, 11/04/10 23:03

Thank you for the comments. Your arrogance is showing. I assumed that by my posting a photo on this site would lead to a discussion about the merits (or lack of), of the execution of the pic. Not giving me a lecture about my choice of subject matter. But, if you must I will always listen to your pompous diatribe.

Comments by jerry hoppens on Fri, 11/05/10 00:22

In a quest for honesty, I have to admit than your posted works are good. Composition is very good, and your manipulation of a camera to produce the desired effect is near perfect. However, I've seen a thousand macro still lifes. And yours sir are trite.

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 11/05/10 13:35

My only goal was to be informative and I don't know where your definition of me being
arrogant is coming from. You've posted 3 photos of women with no critiques. I've seen
this happen many times before and I think it's disappointing for a photog to go to the
trouble of processing and posting and have the photo drift off into obscurity with zero
input. If they were my photos I'd be disappointed. In no way was I intending to lecture
you. There's nothing wrong with your photos although an explanation of what you're trying
to achieve or say would be helpful as suggested by site guidelines. Your 3 photos fall
within the site's guidelines but have failed so far to draw the type of critiques that you
"assumed" would follow. That's not my fault or yours so continue to post and see how it
goes. I'd suggest (pardon my arrogance) that you post early in the week as posting and
commenting seems to peter out later in the week and over the weekend. Enough said.

Comments by Tony Scheuhammer on Thu, 11/11/10 12:12

Must've been very irritating for the model, lol; but nice result!

Sadly, much of what Jeff says (about the site) is true; several years ago, this site was much more dynamic, with a lot more debate and discussion, and with many genres of photography represented.

Comments by Robert Trek on Fri, 01/21/11 06:54

Since no one has commented on the image quality may I? First off, am not an expert so take my input in light of that.

When I saw this image the first thing I noticed is that it is not sharp. It seems out of focus and blurry. Her eyes are closed which sometimes suggests seduction. I do not know if that was the intent or not. Her right hand is cut off which is usually not desired. Her left hand is not visible and while this is not required in a pose it is often desired to have hands shown. Taking a shot with this type of pose is not as easy as it seems. every detail has to be right. I have portrait shots that I worked on during the shoot to get right and then noticed details that were overlooked when I saw them on the computer.

Finally, I hope you do not take offense to this. We are here to learn and share.