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Posted by Christopher Azzopardi on Sun, 06/26/11 12:34
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 06/26/11 13:41

A strong presentation of what I take to be not so much temptation but the end result of having given in to temptation. The colors (capturing the sense of eternal damnation in hell), the subject manner with the snakes endlessly harassing the soul of the individual who has given in to temptation and just the nature of the individual's pose (one really has a sense of suffering).

Comments by pierre david on Sun, 06/26/11 14:15

A very nice image...almost out of this world...An illustration that says that everything is...to be done...

Comments by Mo Fridlich on Sun, 06/26/11 16:12


Comments by Maria Salvador on Mon, 06/27/11 05:50

Terrific! ;-)A very expressive model and the whole editing looks perfect on my monitor.

Comments by John Long on Mon, 06/27/11 17:48

Christofer - I admire the picture a great deal, but I feel your title is misleading. Looks as if he gave in to Temptation and this is the result.

Comments by Tony Scheuhammer on Mon, 06/27/11 19:23

looks good! but it does not look like he is being tempted, it looks like he is being attacked.

Comments by Alias on Tue, 06/28/11 11:37

Temptation is ripe, round, smooth, sweet, luscious, subtle.
A glance, never a stare. A gentle touch, not a heavy hand.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.
-Eduardo Galeano

Comments by Bruce Hunter on Wed, 06/29/11 05:43

Frightenly memorable image.

Comments by les perry on Mon, 07/11/11 17:52

Great image but imoh should be titled "Tormented" instead