A Photoshop produced image

This was done a long time ago and I have not remembered how it was done. I work by the trying different changes with the tools & filters in PS and going back in history if I feel the results don't do what I like. This is what I love about digital.

Posted by Nathan Leonard Kern on Wed, 07/13/11 09:19
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 07/13/11 09:43

I like the painterly feel of your dahlia composition created by the effects that you made use of... especially when one sets the image against a black background.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Wed, 07/13/11 09:51

Well, I love it! Looks so much like a watercolor painting. Good comp too.;-)

Comments by pierre david on Wed, 07/13/11 10:41

Your "producer" had a good idea to invest on your talent. Warm image with a nice smell...

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Wed, 07/13/11 11:39

Lovely Dahlia image, Nathan... :)
Beautiful, soft colors.