View from the pulpit

Inside orthodox church in Indianapolis, In. July 2011 focal length 10mm,f11,iso 100 HDR image 5 shots.

Posted by David M. Scott on Wed, 07/20/11 16:32
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Comments by Jeff Engel on Wed, 07/20/11 18:29

VERY WIDE. You've got all the elements lined up well. The elongation of the wide angle is somewhat distracting on the chandelier. You are probably sick of my comments. :)

Comments by David M. Scott on Wed, 07/20/11 19:14

I should of rolled on the floor more or stand on my head to get a better view :)

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 07/20/11 19:40

A lot of interesting elements in this image of the interior of the church. I particularly like the geometric shapes to the rear of the chandelier... the curves, the triangles, the straight lines. One wants to step to the other side of the pulpit and ignore the chandelier and focus just on the ceiling but perhaps that is a photograph for another day.

Comments by David M. Scott on Wed, 07/20/11 23:21

ok ewnough is enough. I have over 3 witnesses that say the ceiling is the main point of the subject and the chandelier needs to go also i feel it needed more editing so here it is

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Wed, 07/20/11 23:23

Echo Jan... :)
Interesting picture, beautiful church.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Thu, 07/21/11 12:58

I prefer the second posting. Less busy and easier on the eye. Beautiful church.;-)

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 07/22/11 00:33

Comments by Jeff Dye on Fri, 07/22/11 00:43

Try it again. IMO the entire sanctuary is the subject although the ceiling may be the
most eye catching area. IMO the OP composition is too tight. The pulpit and candle
stand are cut off. The chandelier is crammed against the edge of the frame. Those 3
elements add to the visual interest of the scene without being clutter. They just need
some breathing room.

Comments by David M. Scott on Fri, 07/22/11 00:56

Jeff Dye.. I looked @ doing that but when i bring the pulpit more into play that becomes the subject. By cropping it in like i did no longer does it stand out as much. The subject in this case is the whole room. There's nothing really standing out to carry your eye that direction. the photo is perfectly balanced. The only gripe i have and there's nothing i can do with it is the back stained glass

Comments by Alias on Fri, 07/22/11 10:43

"the photo is perfectly balanced."

Oh, really ?

Perfection ?

Imagine finding "perfect balance" in orthodox brick and mortar ...

My reading of Joseph Campbell suggests that perfection is not man made according to orthodox belief.

"The only gripe i have and there's nothing i can do with it is the back stained glass"
Perhaps a spot reading and one more exposure ...

The pulpit does dominate,
and no one ever sees that view of it.
The minister sees only the top and that only peripherally so his viewpoint would be different.

A higher viewpoint, if possible, would allow less "perspective distortion" more verticality, and prevent amputation of
that wonderful (and symbolic) ceiling arch.

Is there a choir loft ?