Late-Night Lighthouse

A late-evening stroll on the beach led me to this scene.
Lighting is all provided by lights in the parking lot to camera left and the lights leading up to the lighthouse.

ISO 400
F 13
60 seconds- shutter speed

Posted by Jeff Engel on Wed, 07/20/11 18:24
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Comments by David M. Scott on Wed, 07/20/11 19:10

Well done jeff well done. You are getting to good for your britches.
Once again this is how its done

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 07/20/11 19:36

I like this image in more of a panoramic format with the horizontal lines of the image complementing the horizontal line of lights leading the viewer out to the lighthouse. I just find the foreground excessive and I stumble visually as I make my way to the line of lights.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Wed, 07/20/11 23:32

Very nice, Jeff... :)
A landing dock for the shuttle Atlantis?

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Thu, 07/21/11 13:01

I like the brown toning in this. Maybe crop out the first footprint on the bottom part?

Comments by Ellen Williams on Sun, 07/24/11 17:50

Exposure is terrific as is the composition, maybe a crop of some of the foreground would work but a nice shot overall.

Comments by William Donnelly on Wed, 07/27/11 18:14

over its good be seems to be tilted down to the left side.

Comments by Dale Dean on Fri, 07/29/11 13:21

What a great shot! The lighting is fantastic. In my humble opinion, I may have cropped out the
red light on the right side, as it was a little distracting to me.

Comments by Alias on Fri, 07/29/11 14:09