In the flowers, a Swallowtail butterfly

Atop a Zinnia blossom, this Swallowtail butterfly stopped long enough for a photo - with a somewhat short macro lens. In the backyard flowers, in NW Florida-USA, on 20 July 2011.

Camera: Nikon D60
Lens: AF-S 85mm f3.5G DX VR Micro-Nikkor
ISO: 400

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Posted by Jerry Litynski on Wed, 07/20/11 20:20
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 07/20/11 20:46

I think this is the stronger of the two compositions of the swallowtail butterfly. There is a sense of flow from the stem of the flower through to the swallowtail butterfly itself with these two elements standing out quite strongly set against the diffused feel of the background.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Wed, 07/20/11 23:01

Splendid macro, Jerry... :)
Getting close to the subject helped for the best color rendition.
So sharp and clear.