I walked up those stairs

Leica M6 with 50 mm lens on T-Max 100

Posted by Nathan Leonard Kern on Sun, 12/23/12 13:51
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 12/23/12 14:06

I like how the perspective that you adopted allowed a divided view with one leading the viewer up the stone steps and the under one leading the eyes of the viewer on the left through to the stonework structure. The random nature of the people walking up and down the stairs helps to lead the eyes up the stairs... less tiring than actually climbing the stonework steps.

Comments by pierre david on Mon, 12/24/12 04:43

Not an easy composition...yet, everything is in perfect harmony. Tourist activity on the right and absolute quietness on the left. The normal perspective of a 50mm lens adds to the feeling of reality. IMO a very fine photograph.

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Mon, 12/24/12 05:00

A superb B&W of the Mt. St. Michael's stairs, Nathan... :)
With a touch of legend.

A very pleasing and interesting place to visit.