Hannibal ante portas


Posted by Luka Ban on Tue, 01/15/13 00:34
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 01/15/13 07:18

I had to look up phrases but Hannibal at the gates with the trunks of the elephants upturned comes through strongly in your reflective composition. Another well seen and well captured reflection Luka.

Comments by Nathan Leonard Kern on Wed, 01/16/13 07:47

I can see the elephants,but where is Hannible?

Comments by Luka Ban on Wed, 01/16/13 08:26

Looks like an elephant, but it`s Him.

Comments by Linda Frey on Wed, 01/16/13 19:49

I see a cow, a dog and an elephant. But your Hannibal story is more classical.

Comments by Luka Ban on Wed, 01/16/13 21:27

We have some more ones...

Comments by Iwona Plucner on Thu, 01/17/13 08:01

:) I like it!

Comments by Maria Salvador on Thu, 01/17/13 08:24

:-)Love it too. You could do a contest and it would be countless the amount of different drawings and paintings to be found in this picture. I just saw a Middle Age lady (or a nun) and the face of a bald guy with a mustache...